During the coronavirus emergency, we will not be performing any repairs in order to protect both our clients and volunteers. Our administrative staff will continue to work from home until the "all clear" is given. We wish you and your families health and safety in this trying time.
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Project Mend-A-House

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When Home Sweet Home . . . Isn’t

What would you do if your furnace broke in the dead of winter and you had no money to fix it or any family around to help you. What would you do? Who would you turn to?

You would turn to Project-Mend-A-House, the only non-profit organization in town that helps low-income residents with home safety and repairs at no cost to them. Here’s just a sampling of our services – installation of wheelchair accessible ramps, modified doorways, grab bars/rails, secured flooring, leaky faucets, electrical repairs, HVAC repairs, replacing hot water heaters, making bathrooms safer and more assessable, and so much more. These tasks are often the difference in whether or not a resident can continue to live in their home independently.

We also provide our clients with an assortment of living aids: motorized chairlifts, hospital beds, raised toilet seats, wheelchairs and walkers, and medical alert devices – to name a few.

It’s a big job alright and we need your help. Please make a donation or volunteer. Refer any neighbor you might run across that needs our help. Thank you in advance for your support. Help us make home sweet home again.

We are located at 8787 Commerce Court, Manassas, VA 20110
Our hours are 9 AM to 4 PM weekdays 
Phone: 703-792-7663 Email: [email protected]