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If you are over 60, falling presents a greater risk of injury than when you were younger.  But falling is not an inevitable part of aging. With some simple precautions, you can avoid many of the potential falling hazards.

One of the best precautions you can take is attending a free Fall Risk Assessment Screening.  These screenings are funded by the Potomac Health Foundation for seniors in Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park. The screening will help you understand risks specific to you and offer you recommendations and information on how to reduce or eliminate those risks.

Have your vision checked by an Optometrist, your gait and balance evaluated by a Physical Therapist, your medications reviewed by a Pharmacist, and meet with a Nurse who will discuss and explain your results. You can also choose to participate in a research project headed by the Locomotion Research Department from Virginia Tech to further the development of new technology to help prevent falls among older adults. Caretakers are welcome to attend the screening with you.


Pre-registration is required and space is limited.  The next screening is yet to be scheduled.  When we have a date, we’ll post it on our home page.  When that happens, please call Melody Cherry at 703-792-6402 or email her  

Here’s more information on preventing falls.: Tips for preventing falls

Fall Risk Assessments